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Whether you can pin-point your needs, or need us to help you to define them, look to DTI to provide expertise for your end-to-end success.

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DTI was founded in 1999 to provide engineering, deployment, and training services to the cable industry as it aimed to deliver high speed internet access over its entertainment television network. Today, DTI provides a wide range of expertise to cable, telecommunications, and wireless operators and they build, grow, upgrade, and transform their networks to support broadband data, voice, and video services. In addition to providing professional services for site-specific projects, DTI specializes in solutions to challenges that span network locations and layers, fall outside the scope of individual vendors, occur at the interfaces between equipment, emerge in the boundaries between networks, or reside in the seams between engineering departments. Whether our clients have short-term staffing urgencies due to special projects or simply cannot grow their internal teams fast enough, require rare expertise, or face problems that are hard to pin down, DTI is here to serve them. We look forward to an opportunity to discuss how we can serve you.

Mark Braun


Mark Braun, President, has over 15 years experience in communications and information technology. He has held a variety of technical and marketing positions within AT&T and Lucent Technologies handling high end enterprise and Service Provider customers alike. He has achieved a number of technical certifications and holds dual bachelor degrees from Brown University.


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DTI only employs competent engineers to assure quality and best output for each projects. Join our team to with our tremendous growth and success servicing the needs of our customers.

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Deployment Technologies Inc. provides end-to-end engineering and deployment expertise for broadband internet, VoIP, and video networks. We work in national backbones, NOCs, regional backbones, headends, VoIP COs, hubs, outside plant, labs, and other network locations. Engineering and EF&I are only two of our many services. Our expertise includes a wide range of equipment, vendors, technologies and applications.

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