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Case Study 3:

Changing Places

Experts supporting monumental industry shift


DTI is proud to be the leading provider of engineering and deployment expertise for the infrastructure rebuilds, upgrades and expansions required by the single largest re-allocation of subscribers in the history of the cable industry. For the past ten months, DTI has been serving one of our major clients as engineering and deployment experts behind the takeover and upgrade of headends and hubs in more than 130 cities across the southern United States, and the backbone networks that tie these facilities together. This amounts to more than 60% of the cities that changed hands in the past year when a major U.S. cable operator sold its markets and facilities to North America’s two largest MSOs, who in turn swapped some of their existing customer bases in order to consolidate their respective service areas.


While providing the engineering and deployment support for more than half the cities changing hands, DTI supplied more than 90% of the outside engineering expertise required to configure, install, readiness-test, cut-over, and migrate customers onto the latest generation of routers and CMTSs.


Multiple parallel initiatives


Projects of this magnitude usually effect, and are affected by, other large projects going on simultaneously. This project is a clear case in point. DTI is providing expertise for many of this client’s parallel initiatives. As a result, we are uniquely able to help keep them in synch, both technically and organizationally.


As the facilities in these cities are being converted, they are being integrated into a new backbone architecture that our client has been rolling out across the country for the past several years. Having played a key role in the development of this backbone architecture, and having already deployed it in many markets, DTI is well versed in its details. DTI fully understands that one of the many benefits of integrating new cities into the architecture is how it enables subscribers, in many cases for the first time, to enjoy advanced services such as digital voice. As it happens, given the depth of our relationship with this client, in addition to working on the new regional network architecture, DTI is also supporting the overall project management of our client’s nationwide voice service rollouts.


Providing expertise for end-to-end success


Leveraging DTI’s simultaneous involvement in our client’s digital voice throughout the southern U.S., as well as the new backbone architecture, we are in a unique position to assure that 130+ site conversions and upgrades are accomplished, integrated into the new backbone network architecture, and deliver digital voice services, in a concerted fashion. This is a clear demonstration of the value we provide in all locations and layers of the overall network by building on our expertise, experience, and simultaneous engagements in inter-related areas. Once again, this illustrates how DTI provides expertise for end-to-end success.


Deployment Technologies Inc. provides end-to-end engineering and deployment expertise for broadband internet, VoIP, and video networks. We work in national backbones, NOCs, regional backbones, headends, VoIP COs, hubs, outside plant, labs, and other network locations. Engineering and EF&I are only two of our many services. Our expertise includes a wide range of equipment, vendors, technologies and applications.

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