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Case Study 4:

CMTS Capacity Optimization

Computer Simulation of Port Utilizations

(resulting from 24 successive capacity upgrades spanning 3 years)


  • Each snapshot (animation frame) was taken when the next capacity upgrade was required
  • Growth in port utilization was driven by traffic growing at an overall rate of 50% per year
  • Overall benefits of DTI’s method include:
  • Ports approximately level-loaded most of the time
  • Very few ports ever over-utilized
  • Reliable remediation of the few over-utilized ports
  • 42% fewer ports needed at the end of the 3 years



Utilizations using DTI-optimized NCPs


  • Ports rarely over-utilized
  • Over-utilized ports always remedied
  • Required number of ports grew from 36 to 100
  • 3-year growth in the number of ports (2.87X) was smaller than the growth in traffic (3.4X)

Using an industry-common NCP method


  • Ports often over-utilized
  • Over-utilized ports often left un-remedied
  • Required number of ports grew from 36 to 170
  • 3-year growth in the number of ports (4.7X) was greater than the growth in traffic (3.4X)



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