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Head Ends

Engineering, deployment, optimization and testing of dish antennae, network optics, routers and swtiches, policy traffic devices, VoIP CO, VoD media servers, CMTS, Ad insertion, Rate muxes, Edge-QAM devices, Combiners, Splitters and HFC optics.

Engineering, deployment, and testing of network optics, routers and swtiches, policy traffic devices, CMTS, ad insertion, rate muxes, edge-QAM devices, combiners, splitters, and HFC optics.
Regional Backbones

Architecture, engineering, deployment and testing of DWDM, routing and switching, resiliency, convergence, QoS, next-gen routers and CMTSs.

Architecture, engineering, delpoyment and testing of HFC plants in support of higher speed access, CMTS upgrades, routing adn switching, security, and convergence QoS.
Network Operations Centers

Engineering, delpoyment and testing of equipment cut-over, subscriber and traffic migration, training, and testing and evaluation of network performance monirtoring software.

Architecture, engineering, delpoyment and testing of capacity upgrades, routing and switching, resiliency, nationally addressable command and control of services, and DWDM.

Cert testing of routers, CMTSs, softswitches, media servers, trunking gateways, STBs, MTAs, eMTAs; test automation; and SME including DOCSIS.

Site surveys, coverage and capacity engineering, deployment, coverage and capacity verification, documentation and training.

VoIP-readiness of HFC plants; feature testing; project management; engineering, deployment, cert and testing; softswitches; media servers; trunking media gateways; signaling gateways; and eMTAs.
Back Office

Broadband access provisioning systems: customization, integration, testing, upgrades, documentation and training.
Outside Plant

Engineering, deployment, optimization and testing of HFC optics, HFC sweep and balance, return path CNR, capacity upgrades, HSD, VoIP, VoD and HDTV readiness.


Deployment Technologies Inc. provides end-to-end engineering and deployment expertise for broadband internet, VoIP, and video networks. We work in national backbones, NOCs, regional backbones, headends, VoIP COs, hubs, outside plant, labs, and other network locations. Engineering and EF&I are only two of our many services. Our expertise includes a wide range of equipment, vendors, technologies and applications.

Deployment Technologies, Inc.


P: 603-622-3924


IP and HFC engineering

Site survery and planning

Equipment installation, cabling, power-up

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