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Head Ends

DTI provides a wide range of headend engineering, EF&I, turn-up and test, and deployment services. DTI’s expertise in IP, optical transport, voice, HSD, and video, makes us the ideal partner for headend optimizations, rebuilds, upgrades, expansions, and for the launch of new services.

From the Head Down

Besides being hub sites themselves, headends serve video to all of the hubs on their regional backbones. Headends also provide the aggregation point for data coming from and going to all the hubs on the regional network.


In addition, many headends include COs in which softswitches and gateways provide voice services to hubs and subscribers on their own and other regional networks. Headends may also contain media centers from which servers provide VoD content, and from which digital ad insertion content is distributed. DTI provides expertise in all of these headend functions.


A special strength of DTI’s added value in headend projects is our ability to leverage our expertise and experience in hubs, regional and national backbones, labs, and NOCs. Because of our experience in so many network locations and layers, we can address end-to-end as well as location-specific challenges.

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Deployment Technologies Inc. provides end-to-end engineering and deployment expertise for broadband internet, VoIP, and video networks. We work in national backbones, NOCs, regional backbones, headends, VoIP COs, hubs, outside plant, labs, and other network locations. Engineering and EF&I are only two of our many services. Our expertise includes a wide range of equipment, vendors, technologies and applications.

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