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Founded in 1999, DTI began by providing engineering, deployment and training services to the cable television industry as it sought to provide Internet access over its television networks.

Delivering High-Speed Internet

Since starting up, DTI has supported Service Providers with expertise in all aspects of delivering ever higher speed and more reliable services for an increasingly media rich internet. From HFC engineering challenges that still make or break cable rollouts of data services, to QoS engineering in converged backbones, DTI experts help operators deliver internet services in an increasingly demanding environment of music downloads, peer-to-peer content sharing, and IPTV. DTI is proud to be playing a key role in the massive growth of Internet and IP-based services by solving the many challenges that this growth entails.


Whether your internet challenges involve increasing bandwidth by physical or virtual node splitting on the HFC side, or managing network performance in the regional or national backbone, or anything in between, let us propose how we can help you. Helping the cable industry deliver Internet services is how we got started, and how we learned the importance of providing expertise for end-to-end success.

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Deployment Technologies Inc. provides end-to-end engineering and deployment expertise for broadband internet, VoIP, and video networks. We work in national backbones, NOCs, regional backbones, headends, VoIP COs, hubs, outside plant, labs, and other network locations. Engineering and EF&I are only two of our many services. Our expertise includes a wide range of equipment, vendors, technologies and applications.

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